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Years of experience design & building ponds.

Kate, the visionary behind Elements, brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and dedication to the world of aquatic landscaping and pond maintenance. As a female entrepreneur, she has cultivated a company that stands out for its commitment to ecological integrity and personalised service. Kates background includes many years for working all over the world as a SCUBA instructor and Marine Research Assistant at several marine institutes. Having a degree in Ecology and a passion for nature, Kate wanted to start her own business utilising both interest. Having started the business originally in Dorset in 2020 after having to leave her research position in the Cayman Islands due to Covid, Elements has grown from strength to strength.

Kate's ecological background is the cornerstone of Elements Aquatic Landscaping Specialists,, influencing every project to meet the aesthetic desires of her clients but also to enhance the local ecosystem, inviting a diverse array of wildlife into garden spaces.

Zephyr, Kates dog, often accompanies Kate to work, with permission from the clients of course! His likes find good sticks, the odd lost balls in the garden as well as peacefully watching the birds.

Why choose Elements Aquatic Landscaping Specialists?

Under Kate's leadership, Elements has become synonymous with excellence in customer satisfaction and affordability. She understands the importance of listening to her clients' visions, and translating them into reality while maintaining a keen eye on budget constraints and sustainability practices.

This balance of client-focused design, ecological responsibility, and cost-effective solutions makes Kate's business a preferred choice for those looking to enrich their gardens with beautiful, wildlife-friendly water features. Through her dedication and the tailored services offered by Elements, Kate has established a reputable presence in the local area.